Decorating My Home – Area Rugs, Carpet, Wall Art

Decor matters because sleeping matters. Imagine sleeping in a cave… and then imagine sleeping in a warm, cozy apartment with fuzzy rugs and pictures on the walls. I certainly can’t speak for everybody, but I would much rather sleep in the warm, cozy apartment! Caves are cold and not decorated. I think the most important piece of decor is either a carpet or a big couch. Big couches are important because those are nap places. Everybody remembers falling asleep on the couch and then waking up in their beds as kids. Almost like magic! Carpets are important because when life gets you down, sometimes you just have to lay on the floor and stare at the fan spinning, until your eyes start to water. As a college student, that’s become a habit.


Carpets are also important because they come in shag form. “Oh, they’re hard to vacuum” or “they accumulate dirt” is all I hear about shag carpets. To be fair, everything is hard to vacuum, and everything accumulates dirt. Few things come in shag form though! One thing that does accumulate dirt is a sheepskin rug. For the aesthetic though? Completely worth it. If I was a robber (I promise I’m not actually a robber), and I saw that a person had a big couch AND a shag rug, I would nod with approval and go find another house without a shag rug to rob. I’m not really sure how a robber does his job, but I can imagine it goes something like that.


The third piece of decor that would deter me as a robber would be big, pastel paintings. I would sit and admire them (on the big couch with my feet in the shag rug), maybe take a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl, and then be on my way. Pastel paintings are just so pleasant and welcoming! Especially if they’re beautiful images, like dogs, or ducks! Just image a pastel painting of a duck. You’d be, “wow, this person has a duck painting in their house.” Pastel paintings are important because they’re warm and welcoming and they intrigue people. Decor is important because sleep is important, it may deter a robber, and who doesn’t love ducks!