The most important tips for the winter

As soon as the first snow falls, there are the same problems for drivers every year. Here are a few of the most important tips to keep the car winter-proof even at frosty temperatures. The most common winter problem is an empty or weak battery. During icy temperatures, care must be taken that the six battery chambers are always full.

The battery must also have enough voltage because, in winter, cars consume more electricity: heating, ventilation and windscreen wipers are almost daily in use and are operated at the expense of the battery. In addition, it should be noted that the battery can not be recharged at a temperature of fewer than 0 degrees, so the deeper the outside temperature, the longer should be a trip, since no improvement of the charge state occurs at shorter distances at minus degrees.

The engine suffers at low temperatures, especially at start-up. The warm-up does not provide a remedy, it is also prohibited. It is better to let the engine warm up at reasonable speeds; the oil supply is uneven without requiring a torque, and the warm-up phase is therefore very consumption-intensive. Heating systems offer a good solution.

The windscreen wipers are almost constantly in use and should be checked for their condition: always replace damaged rubber bands! For the wiping water, a frost protection additive is recommended, this also applies to the cooling water.

Iced door locks can quickly become a problem with cars with central locking. With some oil (given in the door lock) or de-icing spray, one can prevent this, however. For the remote control of the ZV, it is also useful to have a reserve battery ready for use.

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