Ten years until self-propelled cars

There are already first steps towards cars controlled by a computer. In about ten years, the first of these vehicles will also be available for public transport, this estimate comes from the Bosch Group. The predecessor of these plans is to be launched in the following year, the idea is that the cars can travel in traffic jams up to 30 km / h on their own.

However, problems arise at higher speeds, the safety and the data exchange of the vehicles is not yet fully developed, and work is to be done in the coming decade. One of these cars alone can not be computer controlled, a larger quantity is needed for them to exchange, at least 10% of the cars on the road should be “modern”. Ultrasonic sensors on the cars measure distances to objects and help at the moment, for example, during parking.

The founders of the company Google are at the top of the idea of the computer-controlled car, vehicles of Google driving a while accident-free on the road, a total of these have covered 500,000 kilometers. Sebastian Thrun provided above all the research results, which made this possible. Already in 2005, he had achieved great achievements with his projects. “Stanley” won the DARPA Grand Challenge in which unmanned cars compete against each other. But other scientists also do research on this project, for example at the TU in Berlin. Bosch as a pioneer would like to expand this project the most and present at the CES not only cars but also computer-controlled household appliances and more; in the future, surely further progress will be evident.

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