Tire vision of the future of Hankook

Hankook gives us a glimpse into the future of tire manufacture. Ordinary tires, as we know them, will soon be a thing of the past! In addition to the engine, the tires are the most important component of vehicle technology.

Tire manufacturers are constantly working on the perfection of their products, but what Hankook presents to us here has never existed. The future vision stands out with its perfect functionality. Four different concepts impress with inter alia the ideal adaptability of the cam positions as well as automatic ground-wave suspension. The implementation of this novel idea would mean a considerable optimization for the entire driving behavior and offer the driver a completely new and above all safe driving feeling.

An all-rounder with fascinating flexibility, Hankook announces here! The futuristic design of the tire miracle gives us a welcome idea of ​​what would soon come to us. Almost unreal appears this innovation, which according to Hankook entirely without the previous main ingredient rubber is to get along. Experiments, beginning with wood and steel in the beginnings of automobile development, ended with the air-filled rubber tires. But the future vision of Hankook now seems to replace it.

This would be a breakthrough new development and as it seems, this comfort will soon become reality on our streets!

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